State Medical Societies

PNHP members are actively organizing around single-payer resolutions in state medical societies across the U.S. See the map below to learn where your state medical society stands in the process of getting behind single-payer reform.

Map Key: Purple: Passed Resolution / Teal: Join an Ongoing Resolutions Campaign / Grey: Start a Resolutions Campaign

  • Hawaii Medical Association, passed in 2009, read the resolution HERE
  • Maine Medical Association, passed in 2023, read the resolution HERE
  • Massachusetts Medical Society, passed in 2023, read the policy HERE
  • New Hampshire Medical Society, passed in 2022, read the resolution HERE and download a slide set on “New Hampshire Medical Society Member Attitudes about Medicare for All Support and Advocacy” HERE
  • Vermont Medical Society, passed in 2020, read the resolution HERE
  • Washington State Medical Association, passed in 2021, read the resolution HERE (page 8, item C-7)


Ready to take action within your state medical society? Sign up for our resolutions campaign and join forces with local PNHP members to advance the cause of health justice. Questions? Email