Sample Resolution

PNHP has drafted a sample resolution in support of single-payer national health insurance that can serve as the basis for resolutions efforts in state and specialty medical societies across the U.S.

Our resolution was created in Google Docs, and includes links throughout the text, as well as references. It can be easily copied, pasted into a new document, and edited to suit the particulars of your medical society.

Substantial portions of this text were used when crafting a successful resolution to the Vermont Medical Society (adopted November 2020). To read the text of the Vermont resolution, click HERE.

Vermont was only the second state to pass such a resolution; the Hawaii Medical Association expressed “support for [state-level] single-payer financing of the private and independent delivery of health care” in 2009.

For more information on how PNHP members introduced and helped pass the Vermont Medical Society resolution, listen to an interview with Dr. Jane Katz Field on the Medicare for All Explained podcast, below.

Ready to take action? Sign up for our resolutions campaign and join forces with PNHP members in your medical society. Together, you’ll help push the medical profession towards enthusiastic and active support of single payer. Questions? Email